Environmental Policy

We care about the environment and the well-being of our planet! We have been inspired by the UN Agenda 2030 and the global goals for sustainable development. Our aim is to work as environmentally conscious as possible in all departments without negative impact on the hotel experience, but our responsibility streches further. Please contact us for more information about the foundations we support from the social and economic context of the global goals.

Locally, we have a constant environmental thinking with us and work for the environment in various ways. An example of this is the digitization we have done throughout Story Hotels with information that is communicated digitally. Wooden key cards instead of plastic ones. Environmental consciousness is reflected in several areas


  • Eco-friendly cleaning agents and tools are used to the possible extent in daily operations
  • Conscious dosing while using cleaning agents and water to reduce consumption
  • Low energy lamps in hotel rooms as well as corridors and public spaces
  • Hotel rooms with main switch to switch off all electricity when the rooms are not in use
  • Sorting waste as far as possible
  • Water-saving toilets and taps
  • Swan (Svanen) ecolabelled laundry services
  • Refillable bathroom products

Staff & Guests

  • We continuously inform and train our employees to increase knowledge about sustainable environmental work and the importance of it
  • We work to increase the commitment among our employees
  • We provide our guests with vegetarian and vegan diets
  • We encourage our guests to choose environmentally friendly means of transport as much as possible
  • We give our guests the option to support and donate to charities of their choice through our loyalty program


  • We work digitally to the greatest extent possible to reduce the consumption
  • Eco-labeled consumables such as envelopes and stationery

Collaborations we’re proud of:

  • We contribute to the work of Hungerprojektet, to empower women who build long-term and sustainable change for the communities in which they live
  • We are co-sponsors of the Child 10 Award & Summit which is an annual summit to pay tribute to and support the selected Child 10 Awardees from around the world for their everyday struggle for the most vulnerable children in our communities. The aim is to recognize their brave and relentless struggle to protect and prevent child abuse, exploitation and violations.