Story Hotel Studio Malmö has partnered up with TheCar to offer you a smooth, sustainable transit experience.

TheCar´s services are accessible, convenient and safe. The cars are powered by electricity and glide forward silently and smoothly, making for a comfortable ride. They are charged with green and renewable electricity, which makes your trips an environmentally friendly choice. With Wi-Fi in the car, you can connect and listen to your own playlists while you sit back and enjoy.

Book your transfer directly with the hotel:


Parking facilities (Trollhättan P-Hus) are located right across the street from the hotel, at Anckargripsgatan 4.

24-hour tickets (200 SEK) are available for purchase at the Front Desk as well as at the garage.

Please note that the garage is closed between 21.00 and 06.30. If you need access to the garage during these hours, keycards are available to borrow at the Front Desk.

Train or Bus

The quickest way to get to us from Malmö Airport (Sturup) is by coach. Airport shuttles (Flygbussarna) run regularly between the airport and Malmö Central station, and once there you’re just a five-minute walk away from Story!

The quickest way to get to us from Copenhagen Airport is by train. The train runs directly from the airport to Malmö Central Station. For a complete train schedule visit or download the app Skånetrafiken.

Borrow a bike

Bikes are availble to borrow at the hotel.

This service is free of charge, but please note that there is a limitation in how many hours you may borrow them.

Please contact the Front Desk for more information.